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Wireless Gateway Controller for Telecentre

Figure 1: Wireless Gateway Controller implementation at eBario

The establishment of the long-range wireless system not only extending the network access coverage of the rural Telecentre but also extended the management and monitoring of the wireless network into part of the Telecentre network management. Owing to wireless connections are relatively vulnerable to the change of the surrounding, the health of all wireless network points such as relay stations and hotspots must be monitored in order to achieve better service provision and effective maintenance. The wireless access control also needs to be regulated and managed to prevent unauthorized access and interference mitigation.
At the endpoint of the long-range wireless system, a wireless gateway controller has been designed and implemented. The system provides health information of the overall wireless network especially the operating condition of the wireless backhaul. Owing to long-range wireless connections are sensitive to the change of environment such as weather and movement of vegetation, the controller is playing a real-time role in reporting any downfall of the wireless system. We also included a hot standby battery system to ensure the controller can continue to operate without being affected by external power interruption. On the other hand, the controller also acts as bandwidth regulator to ensure the limited bandwidth links are protected against bandwidth storm created by certain applications across the network. 
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