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Wireless Connectivity

Long Range Wireless System

A relatively cost-effective connectivity extension solution for rural Internet applications. Aiming to extend the limited coverage of Telecentre to nearby villages for greater impact.

The Power Self-sufficient Wireless Relay Station

Our design of wireless relay station to complement the concept of long-range wireless connectivity for rural applications. The design has been improved over the years since 2010 to accommodate various harsh environment requirements in the rural areas. The adoption of modular solar has also made it feasible and practical for deployment almost anywhere.

The Power Self-sufficient WiFi Hotspot for Rural Villages / Longhouse

The wireless connectivity solution isn't complete if the endpoint user access gateway still incurs running cost to power it. We have included a solar-powered modular WiFi solution for the village, to allow end-user devices such as smartphone, tablets and even laptop computers to access the network. 

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