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The world has been quietly changed without us realising that we are now in a truly digital world. A world surrounded by countless smart devices and computers seamless connecting every person, object and event. It is wonderful to have all the digital revolutions embracing higher quality of living, creating conveniences that have never been experienced before by human race and this has been going on and on.


The fast pace digital revolution has left behind knowledge gap yet to be filled by all its users. In fact, many has trouble coping the rapid change that takes place every day. As the knowledge gap gets wider, users slowly losing their control over things and not seeing the danger behind the digital innovations. On the dark side, opportunists are conveniently searching every corner of the digital ecosystem trying to exploit it. Everyone in the digital world can now be targeted as there is no more physical fences to keep the bad guys out. Protection in the digital world is now built on knowledge. To protect yourself, you do not need to be an IT expert but being aware of how things work in the digital world would make a big difference in making the cyberspace a safer place for everyone.




The Knowledge
makes a

Safer World

Therefore, we have tailored made a series of training programmes about cyber security for public, children and home/office environment.  You, your organisation, your community able to upgrade the knowledge about cybersecurity and awareness in just one or two days training workshop.

We believe our more than 10 years experience in lecturing in public university and multiple projects which involved training with urban and rural community had make us realise the key to unlock the learning secret of complicated topic such as cyber security!

Don't be shy to reach us, we hope to contribute to make our society more knowledgeable and aware of cyber risk that everyone expose to everyday!

You, your community or your organisation are welcomed 

  • One or two day workshop for you to choose

  • Online and offline class are available

  • More than 15 years experience in related network field

  • Various of real life, up to date example 

  • Effective and easy to understand teaching method

  • Multilanguage (focus in English and Bahasa Malaysia)

  • Training suitable for public, for private or government organisation and agencies, school and community.

  • Certified Trainer 

Lets see what our participants talked about our programme!

The Core of Security is User Education 

It takes only knowing the insight of the system to hack the system. The same goes to protecting the system. Only when the users know how things work, then security comes in nature. There are many systems out there and it took only a slight lack of information to turn a user from a beneficiary to a victim. Many users do not know what system they are dealing with hence failed by the system itself. Life long education is the only unchanged in keeping the highest level of protection. Start now to be curious and getting to know better what you have been using everyday. By knowing just a little more about each system, you will see no myths in any of them. 

Programme module covered:

  • Online banking

  • Electronic wallet

  • Social media

  • Smart devices and

  • Internet Surfing 

Programme module covered:

  • CyberSecurity Awareness in daily living

  • CyberSecurity Awareness in workplace

  • Best Practices of CyberSecurity Awareness 

CyberSecurity is about Community Awareness 

CyberSecurity attacks come in virtual, non-physical form and targeting at the common psychological weaknesses of people. Cyber attacks never aim to break the system but to take advantage of social engineering that involves kindness, greediness, worries, anxiety, and love. The only way to combat cybersecurity attacks is to keep the highest level of awareness especially among the community members, in order to achieve herd immunity to cybersecurity threats. CyberSecurity Awareness is not just about personal awareness but to also help and support other community members when the incident occurs. It is not about stopping CyberSecurity threats but to be aware when it is coming and learning how to avoid it. It is just a matter of time when it gets you. 

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