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Elise WONG is an experienced researcher in rural project implementation and has been working on implementing ICT for the rural community since 2009. She holds an MSc in Computer Science from Unimas where she studied the optimization problem in ICT. She is also the co-designer for a number of technological innovations for rural ICT applications.  

Meet The Team

Key Researchers

Chong Eng, TAN is a professor in Unimas specialized in wireless communication systems and broadband networks. He has been designing long-range wireless systems and green ICT technologies for rural applications since 2007. He is currently leading this information infrastructure research team for rural ICT project implementations.   

Sei Ping, LAU is a senior lecturer and key researcher of the team since 2008. He has participated in almost all projects undertaken by this team and always active in various rural system implementations and ICT innovations. He is multitalented with research strengths in the networked solar street light system, IoT, and system optimisation.   

Researchers / Postgraduates 
Siva Raja Sindiramutty

Siva is currently a PhD student. His research is on energy optimization scheme for standalone hybrid renewable energy power system applicable to the rural environment. He has an MSc where he has been working on energy prioritize scheme to allow practical use of the limited renewable energy sources.  

Kuruvilla Mathew

Kuruvilla currently completing his PhD research on intelligent wireless communication scheme for remote telemetry in forest terrains. He has designed a self-configuring scheme for optimal channel use to achieve effective and reliable communication across thick foliage, which is significant to remote rural communication. 

Yueh Tiam, YONG

Yueh Tiam has been working on proposing an efficient MAC algorithm for wireless sensor network applicable to rural deployment of WSN in his PhD research. His research challenges lie on overcoming the limitations of the existing MAC protocols for WSN. He is currently wrapping up his PhD thesis.

Muhamad Nur Afnan Shamsudin

Afnan has been working on a remote management framework for the rural self-organize network in his MSc research. Hardware and software services halt problem is a great challenge in timely system maintenance especially when the services are deployed at remote rural areas. A self-recovery scheme for the deployed services will be essential in this context when there is no competence technical support on-site to assist. 

Colin KUEH

Colin focuses on energy optimization scheme for smart devices where he proposes a network selection scheme that would choose the optimum wireless data network for achieving better energy efficiency. He is currently working towards a PhD.  

Ryan JEE

Ryan is currently pursuing PhD in the wireless network domain. His is investigating cross-layer load balancing scheme that would intelligently distribute network load (users) to achieve a balance in scalability and performance. This scheme is essential for a highly populated area for WiFi access. 

Imran Ullah KHAN

PhD completed in 2014.

Imran investigated cooperative diversity in wireless communication. In this research, he proposed time slot TDMA based protocol with inter-relay communication with improved BER performance.  

Olawale Olusegun Onabajo

MSc completed in 2010.

Onabajo has been investigating outdoor wireless relay point placement and proposes an intelligent scheme on efficient relay placement using landscape aware routing.  

Nancy Bundan

MSc Completed in 2014.

Nancy focuses on energy efficient cluster-head election scheme for wireless sensor network (WSN) by using fuzzy load balancing technique. Challenges are to prolong the entire lifetime of WSNs as well as maximize its overall performance. She involved in the pilot long-range wireless evaluation.

Chu Chong, TEOH

MSc completed in 2013.

Chu Chong was researching smart home security enhancement. He has successfully proposed a neural network based intelligent security scheme for home based on user behavior. He was in the implementation team of the long-range wireless system.

Mei Lu, CHIN

MSc completed in 2013.

Mei Lu has been working on an adaptive load balancing scheme for web application server cluster consists of heterogeneous performance nodes. She was in the implementation team of the long-range wireless system.

Sing Giap, Yew

MSc completed in 2013.

Sin Giap has been researching on proposing energy-efficient computing architecture for rural applications. He was in the implementation team of the long-range wireless system.

Elly Ai Luang, SOO

MSc completed in 2016.

Elly investigated multipath routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. She proposed to use a fuzzy based path selection scheme to achieve better path prediction. She involved in the pilot long-range wireless evaluation. 

Kian Kok, CHEUNG

MSc completed in 2014.

Kian Kok research into assistive techniques on web form filling targeted at the vision impaired. He was in the implementation team of the long-range wireless system.

Ee Keng, TAN

MSc completed in 2015.

Ee Keng investigated the routing problem of cooperative broadband wireless networks where she proposed to use a dynamic threshold and quality meter to further improve the routing performance.

Boon Hoi, LIM

MSc completed in 2012.

Boon Hoi proposed a low complexity redundancy scheme for VoIP QoS improvement over wireless links.  

Wai Yee, TAI

MSc completed in 2013.

Wai Yee investigated IPv6 for wireless ad hoc network where she proposed an enhanced flow label with stability for DSR for improving QoS performance. She was in the implementation team of the long-range wireless system.

Ling Sun, TAN

MSc completed in 2012.

Ling Sun ventured into improving the performance of low bandwidth network where she proposed a compression technique to ease the congestion of such network and also to enhance its overall QoS.

Sie King, TING

MSc completed in 2007.

Sie King investigated PAPR reduction problem of OFDM system where he proposed the use of simulated annealing method as an alternative solution.

Tai Hieng, TIE

MSc completed in 2016.

Tai Hieng ventured into wireless ad hoc network where he proposed an alternate link maximum energy level AODV scheme to achieve better energy efficiency in ad hoc network routing.


PhD completed in 2008.

Biju investigated mobility issues in wireless networks with a few proposed solutions with adaptive and predictive abilities. 

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