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Telecentre Innovations

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Community Friendly Computing

May 31, 2013

The challenge of designing ICT for rural telecentre is not the technology but to formulate and design technology to meet the needs of the local community and also to create an easy adoption of technology. Some may believe that the technology for rural telecentres that have limited power supply on renewable energy should have adopted computing architecture that is extremely energy efficient, but there are other factors that were usually overlooked which could cause the telecentre program to fail its primary objectives. Here we outlined some of our ICT design considerations for TPOA program. 

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Extended Telecentre Coverage: the Micro Telecentre

February 28, 2010

Deployment of a telecentre in the remote rural is very costly hence only selected strategic location will be selected for telecentre implementation. Even with the strategic location, it is still not as encouraging to make villagers travel for hours in order to come to the telecentre. Hence, instead of getting them to come a long way to the telecentre, we have proposed a solution to bring the telecentre services to their doorstep but on a smaller scale. We called it, the Micro-telecentre.


Seamless Computing

May 31, 2013

The art of computing should not make the users spend a huge amount of time learning how to deal with it but the computing ecosystem should at least adapt according to its users' needs. Our idea of achieving seamless computing is to adopt the right technology platform to serve the required purposes, instead of reinventing the wheel. There are tons of technologies out there but correctly mapping the right technology to the needs of a project's objectives, still requires a significant amount of efforts in order to match not only the needs but the cost and scalability. 

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TPOA Knowledge Portal

May 31, 2013

Knowledge portal technology is critical in rural application especially when Internet connection performance is somehow unpredictable. Our portal technology has streamlined the entire information serving platform to allow not only smooth learning experience via multimedia rich contents via the dedicated mobile app but also enable content management based on community needs. The portal server is of entirely green architecture, allowing flexible deployment to the most remote village in offline mode. 

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