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ICT Equipment Operating Scheduler

since 2015
The limited power supply sources in the rural area have imposed a very strict energy usage to the deployed equipment. Operation scheduling is a feature only available on expensive high-end equipment, hence we have been adopting selected equipment from technology partner to introduce timing scheduling to regulate the power usage of the current modular solar power supply system.
The ability to regulate and control the power supply is the key to an intelligent and smarter system for achieving greater power usage optimization to minimize unnecessary wastage as well as to ensure critical equipment continue to function in the event of power shortage. 
Our research has come out with the power optimization algorithm which has shown encouraging results on optimizing and prioritizing the power usage to achieve better user experience for households with limited power supply availability. Once the algorithm has been successfully integrated with the power regulator controller, we believe it will improve the reliability of the ICT equipment and to prolong its usability.
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